Centro de Periodismo Investigativo

Watchdog reporting on recovery efforts following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

About the News Organization: Founded in 2007, the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI) is an independent, non-profit organization promoting news and information access in Puerto Rico through investigative journalism, litigation and journalism training. The CPI is the only entity of its kind in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean dedicated to investigative journalism. Our journalists have produced hundreds of stories on issues such as political corruption, the financing of electoral campaigns, public policy issues in areas such as health, the economy, the environment, education, agriculture and crime, as well as the ways in which private groups benefit from government mismanagement. Published in both Spanish and English, CPI’s work has received more than 30 awards from professional journalism associations in Puerto Rico and abroad.

About the Position: The Report for America corps member working for Centro de Periodismo Investigativo produces government and financial watchdog reporting, including oversight of the Fiscal Control Board and the bankruptcy processes; federal recovery money from Hurricane Maria and how its being spent; and the performance of federal agencies working in Puerto Rico, including the EPA, HUD, DOE, FEMA, DHHS and CDC, among others.

Puerto Rico, bankrupted with over $73 billion in debt, has been struggling to move forward amidst austerity measures. How are these decisions being made? What is the new hierarchy, and who are the players? What are their interests, connections, views and backgrounds? Additionally, billions of dollars in federal recovery money has been assigned to Hurricane Maria recovery efforts, but only 10 percent is going to local companies — the rest is going to US companies. Why is this happening? Who is making those decisions, and how will this affect the economy? The reporter needs a basic understanding Puerto Rico’s history, and its political and economic challenges. For  accountability reporting on federal agencies, the reporter must have experience in watchdog reporting and filing FOIA requests, understand the dynamics of federal agencies and bring sources.

Requirements: Fluency in Spanish (written / spoken), knowledge of Puerto Rico’s history, experience with FOIA requests