Local Sustainability

The traditional, advertising-centric business model for local news is broken. Report for America is dedicated to supporting a new model—one that promotes local philanthropy as part of what fuels a healthy, thriving information ecosystem.

A New Model for Success

Report for America pays half the salary of the exceptional journalists we place in newsrooms and asks that the local newsroom raise at least a quarter of the salary from the community. 

This can be a daunting task for some news organizations, especially those who have always relied on subscriptions and advertising as their only source of revenue.

To help, Report for America has a team of local sustainability coaches who work hand-in-hand with host newsroom partners, providing them templates for direct marketing, tech platforms, webinars and advice.

And it’s working: In 2020, Report for America helped its partner newsrooms raise nearly $5 million within their local communities.

Most of this support came from individual donors who understand the vital role local journalism plays in their community—and who are willing to make an investment if only asked.

Learn more about our these efforts, what we’ve discovered and how we are succeeding in our latest report:

Local News Philanthropy: Strong Signs of Positive Movement.