Ari Fife

Oklahoma Watch

Reporter Profile

Ari Fife covers issues of race and equity across the state for Oklahoma Watch, a nonprofit investigative newsroom based in Oklahoma City. A recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma, she holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with minors in political science and international studies. While there, Fife worked for the OU Daily, the student publication, as a senior reporter, managing editor and summer editor-in-chief, and she interned at The Frontier, a nonprofit investigative newsroom in Oklahoma. Fife has studied Spanish for about seven years and is eager to improve her skills.

Beat: Race and inequity in Oklahoma

This reporter will cover issues facing different racial, ethnic and immigrant communities in the state. They will cover the intersection between race and politics, housing, labor, healthcare and education. They will shed light on injustices facing these communities, as well as write pieces that show the culture of various minority groups. They will collaborate with other reporters on projects that intersect with race and their specialty. They will take the news of the day and look for enterprise and investigative opportunities. They will build lasting relationships and sourcing with minority communities.