Camille Fassett

Associated Press--Data

Reporter Profile

Camille Fassett is a data reporter for The Associated Press based in the San Francisco Bay area. Most recently, she was a data science fellow at the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, where she applied statistical analysis and machine learning to public interest data. Previously, Fassett was a reporter and researcher at Freedom of the Press Foundation, where she covered surveillance, whistleblowers and transparency issues, and co-ran the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, a data project tracking press freedom violations. Fassett also covered the attacks on press freedom in Malta. She is also a member of the data and security collective Lucy Parsons Labs and a board member of the data archival group Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDOS). She graduated from the University of California/Berkeley.

Beat: State-by-state data journalism to serve legislative reporters nationwide

Working with AP's data journalism team, this journalist collaborates with AP statehouse Reporters across the country to produce more data-driven accountability reporting and data distributions that can drive accountability reporting for local news organizations. The beat can be based in any AP bureau.