Jackie Sedley


Reporter Profile

Jackie Sedley covers all things environment and climate for KGNU in Boulder, CO. Before moving to Mountain Time, she lived in sunny California working as the Internal News Director for KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara. Her journalism career thus far has also included freelancing for the New York Times, fill-in producing and freelance reporting for KCRW and working as Editor-in-Chief for her community college newspaper. Sedley was introduced to journalism during her sophomore year of high school, when she joined her high school newspaper as a novice staff writer. After working her way up to News Editor and eventually Editor-in-Chief, she realized her thirst for reporting was truly unquenchable. Over the past 10 years Sedley has covered raging fires, housing crises, local elections, protests and more. Journalism is both the reason Jackie Sedley wakes up in the morning, and the reason she does not sleep enough at night.

Beat: Environment and climate

In December 2021, the most destructive wildfire in Colorado's history burned 1,084 homes in Boulder County. The environment and climate solutions reporter investigates and reports on the challenges of implementation and the impact of confronting the global climate crisis locally through solutions-oriented initiatives ranging from city and municipal environmental disaster mitigation efforts, to indigenous and grassroots-led just solutions initiatives, to data-driven scientific research and think-tank policy planning that all coalesce in the Boulder-Denver area.