Michaela Rush

Dallas Free Press

Reporter Profile

Michaela Rush covers the south and west neighborhoods of Dallas for the Dallas Free Press, a nonprofit news organization. Prior to joining RFA and DFP, Rush worked at The Battalion student newspaper at Texas A&M, most recently as the editor-in-chief, covering campus news, local businesses, student organizations and LGBTQ+ topics. Rush will graduate in May 2023 with a degree in English and minor in Spanish. Outside of journalism, she plays several instruments, and is a self-proclaimed “band nerd.”

Beat: Government accountability in South and West Dallas

This multimedia reporter covers the decisions made every day at City Hall, the Dallas Independent School District headquarters and Dallas County courts that affect residents in South Dallas and West Dallas in meaningful ways. By covering both the government -- through interviews and scouring public documents -- and interviewing residents, they will provide residents the information they need to make their voices heard.