Sarah Huffman

Reporter Profile

Sarah Huffman reports on business and technology in Philadelphia for, the technology news network. Before joining, Huffman was an intern and then freelance reporter for Norwood News, covering local government and community events and organizations in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. She is a 2021 graduate of Fordham University, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in journalism and communications, and was an editor for the student newspaper. In her free time, Huffman is an amateur baker and enjoys testing new dessert recipes.

Beat: Coverage of the rapidly changing economies of Philadelphia

As they move on from a manufacturing past, economic development leaders have identified the tech and innovation economy's importance to Maryland, centered in Baltimore. The healthy economic change is visible in the coworking spaces and glitzy tech offices, but for residents who live in some of the country's most challenged neighborhoods need a role in that future. This Reporter gives voice to those residents, examining how the entrepreneurs and economic efforts in Baltimore's "Black Butterfly" are shaping the next wave of economic development, and what the most ambitious plans mean for existing residents there.