Brooklyn Eagle

Brooklyn Eagle is a 178-year-old brand covering the people, powers and ideas shaping Brooklyn. In 2019, the Eagle moved to fill reporting gaps created by cuts to local newsrooms across New York City. Much of the reporting on Brooklyn is breaking news, business openings and neighborhood-specific conflicts — the neighborhoods that receive the most attention are primarily white, affluent pockets of Brooklyn. The Eagle adds a layer of depth, connecting the dots between the big stories in individual neighborhoods to identify trends and show the mechanics of power reshaping neighborhoods. Where others focus on “”What happened?”” we reveal the how and the why. We do this by emphasizing and explaining key themes impacting all the borough’s 2.6 million people—primarily housing, criminal justice, education, political representation and land use policy. We increased newsroom capacity, doubling down on under-reported communities in the borough. We publish a daily newspaper and neighborhood weeklies, but our largest reach is through our website and email newsletter. We also produce a weekly podcast.

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