Tashi McQueen

Tashi McQueen is a political beat reporter concentrating on voter education for Afro News, which serves Baltimore’s Black community. Prior to joining the Afro, McQueen freelanced for The Baltimore Sun, with her first story earning a spot on the front page. Holding a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Goucher College, McQueen got her start in journalism by reporting for The Goucher Eye, the college’s digital news source. She is a member of the Baltimore Association of Black Journalists, and she speaks French and Spanish and enjoys learning new languages in her free time.

Baltimore Afro-American

The Baltimore Afro-American is a news service, founded in 1892, that writes and reports news for and about African Americans. Staffers' reporting appears on the news site, in the weekly paper, and on social media platforms. The reporting includes a type of advocacy journalism that goes beyond reporting facts, and lends itself to how the news affects African Americans and their communities.