Supporting Report for America

Our work is made possible by a range of philanthropic partners who care deeply about the role journalism plays in advancing a free, open society for all people. 

Why give to Report for America? It’s impactful. It’s sustainable. It’s highly leveraged. It’s hyper local.

Where the Money Goes

Every $20,000 we raise is matched by $10,000 from the local news organization and $10,000 from local funders, which gets a reporter into the field.

We also spend money on the program itself: training, evaluation, recruitment and more. 

Our model is scalable because we’re helping to inject talent and reporting capacity into the most innovative news organizations.

Thank you to the supporters who make RFA possible


Knight Foundation – $5M
Facebook Journalism Project – $4.5M 
Natasha and Dirk Ziff
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – $750,000
Joyce Foundation – $614,000
Craig Newmark Philanthropies – $605,000
David and Lucile Packard Foundation – $400,000
Google News Initiative – $400,000
Jonathan Logan Family Foundation – $400,000
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – $300,000
Heising-Simons Foundation -$300,000
Tow Foundation – $300,000
Ford Foundation – $200,000
Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation – $150,000
Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee – $150,000

LOR Foundation – $120,000
Galloway Family Foundation – $120,000
Leon Levy Foundation – $100,000
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation – $100,000
Select Equity Group – $99,000
Henry L. Kimelman Foundation – $85,000
Annie E. Casey Foundation – $65,000
Newman’s Own Foundation – $65,000
Annenberg Foundation – $60,000
Samuel I Newhouse Foundation – $60,000
Santa Fe Community Foundation – $60,000
Jesse and Betsy Fink – $50,000
Lenfest Institute – $50,000
McClatchy Foundation – $50,000

$5,000 - $49,000

Arthur Blank Foundation
Barinaga Goodman Fund
Kaiser Permanente
Iger Bay Foundation
Kendeda Fund
Newspapers of New England
Janet Clark 

North Carolina Local News Lab
Park Foundation
David Parker and Janet Tiampo
Select Equity Foundation
Stanislaus County Office of Education
Susan Crown Exchange
Ann Davis Vaughan

Local Newsroom Supporters

Akron Community Foundation
Ameren Corporation
Anonymous Household
Anonymous Household
Asian Pacific Community Fund of Southern CA
Audrey and Courtney Moe Charitable Fund
Betterment Fund of Maine
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Cleveland Foundation
Desert Hot Springs Historical Society
Fertel Foundation
GAR Foundation
Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation 
Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
HealthForward Foundation
Robert Hewitt Jr.
Hudson Webber Foundation
Innovia Foundation
Joyce Foundation
Jonathan Logan Family Foundation
Kaiser Permanente

Mississippi Power
National Geographic Partners
Newman’s Own Foundation
New Mexico Local News Fund at Santa Fe Community Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation
North Carolina Local News Lab
North Texas Community Foundation
North Valley Community Foundation
Pamela Ann Wickham
Papa Ola Lokahi 
Phyllis Ponder Keller
Quinn Family Foundation
Rick and Beverly Fetterman
Sierra Health Foundation
South Point Capital 
Stanislaus County Office of Education
Steans Family Foundation
The Meadows Foundation
Wyoming Community Foundation
Vital Projects Fund 
Youngstown Area Jewish Federation

In their first campaign of 2019, Salt Lake Tribune zoomed past their $20,000 fundraising goal leveraging a grassroots crowdfunding approach, with small, online donors and community members contributing over $30,000 in just a few short weeks.
This funding will support reporting that holds public officials accountable in San Juan County, Utah.

Support RFA journalists

Your support will put talented journalists in the field reporting on underserved communities and important topics

Types of Programs

Report for America Classic

We hold annual national competitions, recruiting reporters and news organizations from around the country. Winning reporters are placed in winning news rooms.

Regional or Local Core

We work with local foundations and philanthropists to set up special corps in certain areas, then recruit great journalists from around that state and the country.

Issue-based Corps

We’re going to be setting up special corps to field local reporters covering criminal justice, education, the environment, health care, religion and veterans affairs.