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Report for America attempts to revitalize local news by deploying extraordinary emerging journalists. But local journalism will not survive without the involvement—and the leadership—of thousands of established journalists, editors and teachers who have significant experience and wisdom.

We are now issuing a call to experienced reporters, editors and teachers to help revitalize local news by working with emerging journalists and innovative newsrooms. We offer a range of opportunities, including volunteer efforts as mentors and modestly compensated positions as trainers. All of them are crucially important. 


Interested in giving back to journalists covering new and undercovered beats in communities? In our mentorship program, we match highly experienced mentors to corps members who opt in. We want each of our corps members to benefit from the wisdom and guidance of experienced journalists in their beat and/or locale. At a minimum, we ask mentors to make a commitment of at least quarterly check-ins and to actively mentor them during the corps member’s service term. Interested? Fill out this form.


Do you have an idea for a training session, workshop or guest speaker session that would benefit Report for America’s journalists? Interested in joining us as a trainer or speaker? Email [email protected] or fill out this form.


For Report for America to get more reporters in the field, we’ll need to raise the money to make it happen. Interested in establishing or joining a state or regional fundraising committee? Mobilizing these resources yourself? Fill out this form.


Do you enjoy encouraging emerging journalists to pursue the profession? If so, consider representing Report for America at one of our many recruiting functions. It is a great way to help share our mission and develop an emerging pool of talented Report for America journalists. You can refer a journalism candidate to us using our referral form.  To learn about our recruiting events and how to get involved, send us an email at [email protected] or fill out this form.

We view the experienced journalists who take on these assignments as ambassadors in a broader sense. For instance, they have helped us spread the word about our corps and newsroom applications in their professional circles.

The time commitments vary depending on the role. In general, we can use whatever time you can spare. Most of these roles have no financial compensation.