How It Works

Report for America pulls from the best elements of AmeriCorps, Teach for America, the Peace Corps and the nation’s best nonprofit news organizations. We are also gathering lessons learned from these organizations about challenges they faced in carrying out their missions. Overall, Report for America is designed to harness the talent of emerging journalists and the creativity of local news organizations and mission-driven nonprofit newsrooms.

    Report for America will provide half the cost of the reporter’s annual salary, the local news organization will provide one quarter, and a quarter will come from a local supporter (individual donor, university, family trust or foundation). If the corps member continues for a second year, the funding formula shifts so the local news organization pays a somewhat larger share.

    In the coming year, RFA will be finalizing an application process for both would-be corps members and host news organizations. And RFA will undertake a fundraising campaign to support the national build.


    The basics

    • The RFA national program will recruit and train talented journalists.
    • Local news organizations will apply to receive corps members.
    • The reporters will be managed at the local level, with continued support and mentoring from the national RFA.