Adriana Gutierrez

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Reporter Profile

Adriana Gutierrez covers education and child welfare in Santa Rosa, California for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. Prior to joining the newsroom, Gutierrez interned at the Oregonian in Portland, Oregon. During her ten-week internship, she covered the business section of the metro paper, while also serving on the breaking news, education and weather desks. Her journalism career started when she was a member of her high school’s broadcast journalism program. She transferred to print journalism during her undergraduate years at Oregon State University, where she worked her way up to being the Editor-in-Chief of the student-led newspaper, The Daily Barometer.

Beat: Education and child welfare in Sonoma County

In comparison to their peers around the state and nation, students in Sonoma County are struggling. The pandemic and years of repeated wildfires have disrupted their lives and their learning. This journalist reports on the mental and emotional health and education of children in grades K-12, focusing on the progress and support available to students and families. This watchdog reporter would also identify gaps in services, explore solutions, and track public spending.