Alexa Krupp

Vermont Public

Reporter Profile

Lexi Krupp covers Science and Health for Vermont Public Radio, with a focus on the challenges and opportunities in rural communities. She also contributes to coverage of statewide issues. Krupp was a science reporter for Interlochen Public Radio in northern Michigan, where she produced a podcast about the land, water and inhabitants of the upper Great Lakes’ area. Her work has appeared on All Things Considered, and as a freelancer, in Audubon, Popular Science, Science Vs, VICE, and Medscape. Krupp was a teacher and once spent a summer tracking mountain goats for the U.S. Forest Service. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and a bachelor’s in biology from Dartmouth College.

Beat: Science and Health

The pandemic and accelerating concerns about climate change have laid bare the need for a dedicated science reporter to help explain issues that are both profoundly urgent and relentlessly complicated. Like many newsrooms our size, we covered the spread of COVID-19 and the vast public health implications using a shotgun approach and many different reporters swooping in whenever they could. And we have been proud to greatly increase our coverage of the environment in recent years, but have quickly found that the number of stories- specifically the kinds of stories that are in the weeds of science, such as clean energy, mitigation, and public health solutions- are greatly outpacing our ability to report them. Additionally, in Vermont Public’s listening area we have two world class research universities - Dartmouth College and the University of Vermont. Having a dedicated reporter covering this kind of work would increase the quality and quantity of stories in this most urgent of topic areas. Lexi was a science teacher prior to becoming a reporter and looks forward to this new beat.