Anya Szerzenie

Henrico Citizen

Reporter Profile

Anya Sczerzenie is currently the education reporter for the Henrico
Citizen, where she covers the school system with a focus on educational
equity. She previously did freelance work in Northern Virginia, covering a
wide range of topics from historical houses to the DC metro’s Silver Line
opening to the local schools. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth
University where she was a contributing writer for the student newspaper,
the Commonwealth Times, and held an internship with RVA Mag– where she
covered local culture and LGBTQ topics.

Beat: Educational equity in Henrico County VA

This Report for America corps member digs into the racial divide in Henrico County public schools. Among the biggest issues in Henrico, a county that includes the greater Richmond, Va., area: school segregation and school suspensions. A 2015 study found that Henrico County Public Schools was one of the few U.S. localities in which school segregation was increasing – and had disproportionately high rates of suspension among Black students.