Aydali Campa

Borderless Magazine

Reporter Profile

Aydali Campa, a bilingual journalist, covers environmental justice and immigrant communities in Chicago for Borderless Magazine. She has written stories covering education, immigration, COVID-19, and climate change. Aydali is a 2024 Widening the Pipeline Fellow with the National Press Foundation. Previously, she was a reporter for Inside Climate News and earned the 2022 Shaufler Prize in Journalism for her series about efforts to remediate soil in Atlanta contaminated with lead. She has also contributed stories to The Wall Street Journal and The Arizona Republic and produced videos for Arizona PBS. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications and a master’s in investigative journalism from Arizona State University, where she co-produced an award-winning documentary. In her free time, she enjoys baking, learning to play guitar, and watching sitcoms.

Beat: Environmental justice and immigrant communities

Immigrants and communities of color are often vulnerable to health and environmental inequities. This beat focuses on areas home to many immigrant communities that face difficulty accessing medical care while heavy industry increases around them.