Bridget Fogarty

The Reader - El Perico

Reporter Profile

Bridget Fogarty reports on the Latino community, especially COVID-19’s impact, for The Reader and El Perico in Omaha, Nebraska. Previously, Fogarty worked for the documenters program at City Bureau, a civic journalism nonprofit, covering Chicago’s public meetings. During this time, she also helped Milwaukee families navigate WIC, a public health nutrition program that helps women and their children, as an AmeriCorps member. A graduate of Marquette University, Fogarty holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and Spanish. She has worked as a multimedia reporter for the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, a nonprofit news site, reporting on a variety of topics, including the pandemic’s impact on the city’s Black and Latino residents. The Associated Press and U.S. News & World Report have also published her work. Fogarty calls Glenview, Illinois home.

Beat: Immigration and especially the Latino community in Omaha Nebraska

This reporter covers the growth and impact of Omaha's Latino community, the community hardest hit by the pandemic. This beat takes a deeper look at some of the fundamental misconceptions and uncovered topics relevant to this community, including the impact of the pandemic on these families, the stories behind immigration, and the community's role in the workforce and local economy, including summarizing tax contributions and public costs.