H.L. Comeriato

The Devil Strip

Reporter Profile

H.L. Comeriato reports for The Devil Strip, a community-owned, independent news outlet in Akron, Ohio. Comeriato covers health care in the region in its broadest sense from gun violence to immigrants navigating the Medicaid system. Comeriato is a writer, editor and multimedia journalist living and working in Akron, Ohio. Their work includes contributing to TransAkron, a visual storytelling project and comprehensive, educational resource designed to explore the lived realities of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people living in the Rustbelt. Comeriato is a graduate of the University of Akron Williams Honors College and has interned with the Akron Community Foundation. Currently, they serve on the Board of Directors for the Community AIDS Network/Akron Pride Initiative. Their work has appeared both in print and online.

Beat: Healthcare in Akron

This beat focuses on public health using a solutions journalism approach to reporting on issues ranging from access to mental health care to reducing gun violence to helping resettled refugees navigate our healthcare system. The Reporter critically evaluates systems and solutions from patient perspectives, examining how well these ideas work and what could be improved.