Isabelle Tavares

Planet Detroit

Reporter Profile

Isabelle Tavares covers environmental and public health impacts in Southwest Detroit at Planet Detroit. Before that, she spent two years in the Santo Domingo art scene exploring her heritage and making films about her experience as a Dominican-American. Her interest in film was spurred by her work as an associate archival producer for a PBS docu-series about public health. She holds a master’s degree in magazine, news, and digital journalism from Syracuse University, where she reported on the food apartheid. This reporting came after her time in Cuba learning climate resilience strategies from rural and urban farmers. In 2019, she wrote data-driven lifestyle articles for Reader’s Digest as an intern with the American Society of Magazine Editors. She is co-editor of Clearline Magazine, a Detroit-based environmental textile art publication.

Beat: Environmental and public health impacts in Southwest Detroit

This reporter chronicles environmental and public health challenges. From air pollution to public health threats, the community reporter investigates these challenges and engages with the local community of Southwest Detroit, holding local government and political leaders accountable while spotlighting grassroots leaders and solutions.