Mirtha Donastorg

The Plug

Reporter Profile

Mirtha Donastorg covers innovation and start-up initiatives at historically Black colleges and universities for The Plug, a news site based in Atlanta and devoted to Black tech trends, investigative stories and breaking news. She is a journalist with experience in TV, digital and radio, and was most recently an associate producer at CNN Digital where she helped curate multiple homepage platforms, as well as craft breaking news alerts viewed by millions daily. As a researcher for CNN, Donastorg fact-checked scripts from correspondents all over the globe and most notably, reported on the conviction of an abusive Catholic priest. Outside of work, she shares her love of soul music from around the world as a host of a weekly two-hour local radio show. Donastorg grew up in Auburn, Alabama. She’s a proud alumna of North Carolina State University, and is fluent in Spanish and French.

Beat: Innovation and start-up initiatives at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This reporter covers Innovation and startup growth within Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The reporter has familiarity or interest in the history of HBCUs and covering business and technology and focuses on the Atlanta region, including the AUC center and challenges around COVID's impact on student and faculty initiatives pursuing massive computer science, data science, and entrepreneurship initiatives.