Paul C. Kelly Campos

The Public's Radio

Reporter Profile

Paul C. Kelly Campos covers democracy and community engagement for The Public’s Radio in Rhode Island. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Campos is a writer, poet and translator of Irish and Nicaraguan descent. His bilingual work has appeared in NPR’s Next Generation Radio, The Washington Post, KQED Forum, KALW, Prism, The Golden Gate Xpress, Seen and Heard, The San Franciscan, and Borderless magazine. He graduated from SF State with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in English literature in 2021. In his spare time he can be found consuming pupusas, reading poetry, or playing with his cat ‘Dr. Otto Octavious Phd.’ all while “The Damned” plays loudly in the background.

Beat: Democracy and politics in Rhode Island

This community engagement reporter cover politics through the lens of Rhode Island’s and southeastern Massachusetts’ diverse electorate, focusing on issues that concern voters and non-voters in the 2024 election and beyond. Political polarization continues to play a central role in American politics, and the story of America’s growing political divide is one this reporter will tell locally, through the stories of the people who are at the fundamental core of our democracy.