Sophie Kasakove

The News & Observer

Reporter Profile

Sophie Kasakove covers the economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis for The News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has reported on the environment, big industry and development as a freelance reporter in New Orleans, writing for publications such as The Nation, VICE, The New Republic, and The Lens, a local investigative non-profit. Her recent reporting has focused on climate migration and adaptation and the intersections of the climate and housing crises. Previously, she was a contributing writer at Pacific Standard, where she covered housing issues, a research and reporting fellow at The New Republic, and an intern at The Nation. She graduated from Brown University in 2017, where she was managing editor of the school’s weekly paper. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

Beat: Economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis

The recovery of businesses, small and established, is crucial to the health of the region. This reporter has a special focus on the hardest-hit: the individual proprietor, the family farm, the local diner, the new startup. And she'll focus on solutions.