Northern Kentucky Tribune, Kentucky Forward, Kentucky Center

The North Kentucky Tribune serves the three-county region—Boone, Kenton and Campbell—that makes up Northern Kentucky, the third leg of the Golden Triangle in Kentucky (Lexington and Louisville being the other two), the economic engine of the state. We were founded in 2014 by the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism to fill the void in local journalism left by the demise of The Kentucky Post. We are a small but committed team of displaced journalists devoted to honest news, sound ethics, solid professionalism—and our community.

North Carolina Health News

NC Health News launched in January 2012 in response to the disappearance of people to explain this complicated topic. Our reporters each take on multiple roles. Topics include children’s health and Medicaid, oral health, mental health, rural healthcare, environmental health issues and legislative health issues. We’ve been a “virtual” newsroom, with reporters spread across the state. We have a weekly phone-in via Google Hangout and there’s almost constant communication via phone, text, email, Slack, etc. However, we’re renting a physical office in the Triangle to better accommodate meetings and provide a hub for operations.

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service (NNS) is an award-winning, online news outlet that provides balanced coverage of low-income minority neighborhoods in Milwaukee's central city through objective, professional reporting. We cover the issues most important to the people who live, work and serve in central-city Milwaukee, such as public safety, arts and recreation, economic development, education, health and wellness and housing.  

Maryland Matters

Non-profit and non-partisan, Maryland Matters is the premier site for news about politics and government in Maryland. With our original reporting and commentary, we aim to fill the gaping holes left when traditional media turned away from communities across our state and from far-reaching developments in our state capital. We provide comprehensive coverage of local and statewide elections, particularly the interplay of money and politics as it affects policy. We cover news from the State House and state agencies, emphasizing education, the environment, health care and transportation.  

Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting

The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom based in Louisville with coverage focused statewide. Our mission is to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens, expose wrongdoing in the public and private sectors, increase transparency in government and hold leaders accountable. KyCIR is the creation of the nonprofit Louisville Public Media, which announced KyCIR’s formation in spring 2013. We are a part of the WFPL newsroom, an NPR affiliate.

The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star is the largest media organization covering the Kansas City region, which encompasses Kansas and Missouri. We cover both statehouses. The Star was founded in 1880 as "a paper for the people," a mission that continues today. We strive to tell stories that affect the lives of Kansas Citians and beyond.  

Concord Monitor

Started in 1864, the locally owned Concord Monitor covers the capital city of Concord, the New Hampshire State House and dozens of surrounding communities in the central part of the state. We cover everything from annual town meetings in our smallest communities to the largest issues facing the state, including the opioid epidemic and the ongoing mental health care crisis. We play an increasingly central role in civic debate, and host many public meetings focused on issues. And once a year, we host a health-based conference that pulls together the state’s leading experts on the biggest issues facing our readers and our state.

The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic is the largest news outlet in the Southwest, primarily covering Arizona and, more specifically, the sprawling Metro Phoenix area (pop. 4.8 million). We lead the USA Today Network's coverage of the western US and are the flagship local newsroom of Gannett Co., Inc.'s 109 sites. The Republic's mission has been the same for 129 years: Connect and educate readers by providing fair and accurate coverage that reflects our community.

Anchorage Daily News

The Anchorage Daily News is the most-read newspaper and news site in Alaska. In 2017, the organization was purchased by an Alaska family with an interest in keeping the newspaper alive. The business turned around—by controlling costs, growing revenue, with a continued shift online, and especially, continued newsroom transformation that has emphasized producing quality journalism, serving audiences where they are, and adapting to changing platforms and reader habits and needs. Partnerships of all kinds have become critical for us.


About the News Organization: CALmatters is a nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism venture committed to explaining how California’s state Capitol works and why it matters. Environmental regulation, education, health care, criminal justice, economic inequality — the debates on these issues and others have a profound impact on the lives of 38 million Californians and beyond. Our team of experienced journalists, with the time and resources to dig deep, is committed to meaningfully informing Californians about the players, politics, and interests that shape the issues that affect their lives. Over the past year CALmatters set out to continue building a nonprofit platform that would reach a large and influential audience with information and tools that hold politicians accountable and empower Californians to participate meaningfully in their democracy.