Training and Mentoring

Report for America corps members receive an initial training in June to prepare them for the year ahead, plus continued training and mentoring throughout their term of service.


Report for America provides training and online events to help corps members enrich their skills and exchange ideas with fellow corps members.

Corps members receive:

Second-year corps members receive a $750 training stipend to help cover the cost of attending a conference or outside training. Corps members can also use the stipend for memberships to journalism organizations.

Third-year corps members receive leadership training to help them achieve their goals in their final year and support their next steps in the industry.


Each corps member is paired with a mentor who is uniquely positioned to help them excel in their roles and who will provide support and encouragement throughout the year. Our mentors are veteran, award-winning journalists from print, broadcast, digital, non-profit news and academia. They represent a diverse group in every aspect of the word and we are proud to have them supporting journalism and the next generation of journalists.

Peer Network

One of the best resources corps members have is their fellow corps members. If one corps member has a question, there’s a good chance another has the answer.

Corps members are connected through an online community where they can ask questions, share stories, and create their own groups and virtual events. Peer support is helpful not only for reporting, it’s also a key to mental well-being and resilience.

Once it’s safe to do so, Report for America will bring the corps members together in person so they can get to know each other better.