The Community Voice

The Community Voice is a bi-weekly, state-wide publication that targets Kansas' African-American community. The publication was founded in 1993, and purchased by the Gooch family in 1996. The publication was originally a monthly, and has been bi-weekly for almost two decades. Until 2015, our coverage area was predominately the Wichita community, but we've expanded into the Kansas City market, focusing heavily on the Kansas side of the metropolitan area. Again, in response to a request to expand, we formally expanded our coverage in 2018 to include the Missouri side of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The Visalia Times Delta

The Visalia Times-Delta, where this reporter is based, is owned by Gannett. The California News Desert Initiative aims to promote content sharing among newsrooms so residents in under-covered communities get the news they need. 

The Mendocino Voice

The Mendocino Voice, founded in 2016, is an online, independent, worker owned, general interest news service with an emphasis on breaking news, government reporting, and community events. We publish multiple times daily on our website and across social platforms. Rural Mendocino County, in northern California, has become a news desert, and our goal is to go beyond merely restoring the old status quo, by providing coverage to communities that were left out even before the collapse of the news industry. We are transitioning to a worker-reader co-op with funding from Facebook Community Journalism Project/Lenfest Institute.

Bay City News Foundation

Bay City News Foundation, a nonprofit news site, provides free, data-driven, public service journalism to the San Francisco Bay Area. The focus is local civic news, regional arts and culture, equity issues, profiles, in-depth packages and environment coverage in the 12-county area.

Flint Beat

Flint Beat is a news site covering Flint, Michigan. It focuses on local government accountability, solutions journalism and the restorative narrative. Flint Beat was launched in 2017 to help fill news gaps in the community with a mission to empower, impact and inform residents.

Fort Worth Report

Fort Worth Report, a nonprofit digital newsroom, was launched in April 2021 to provide original reporting on local government, schools, economic development, health care and other news in Tarrant County, home to Fort Worth. By providing free access to nonpartisan journalism about issues that affect the daily lives of residents, this news organization's mission is to engage, educate and empower readers.

NonDoc Media

NonDoc is a nonprofit digital news organization with a mission to strengthen Oklahoma communities through responsible local journalism that is unbiased and free. It has also worked to fill coverage gaps at the Oklahoma State Capitol, in tribal elections and in rural communities.

Outlier Media

Outlier Media is nonprofit service journalism organization. It identifies, reports, and delivers valuable information to empower residents, holding municipal government and elected officials accountable for long-standing problems. Outlier aims to leave people with the information they need to create change in their communities.

Richland Source

Richland Source is a free, digital news site that covers Richland, Ashland County and Knox counties in north central Ohio. Its focus is solutions journalism and journalistic responses to questions posed by readers.

San Antonio Express-News

The San Antonio Express-News is a regional metro daily and news site with an intense focus on covering the community and its institutions. The Express-News is the third largest daily paper in Texas and has deep roots in its home turf; it's been covering South Texas since 1865. San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and this news organization's mission is to document the current chapter of San Antonio’s unfolding history as accurately and comprehensively as it can.