The Journalist Population

We often talk about the closures of newspapers over the past few decades.  Of course this is all happening at a time when the population has increased.  So the number of journalists per American has declined even more.  If you view local reporting as a public service, that means there’s been an even sharper decline

Curing local news for good

This piece ran in Columbia Journalism Review. I’m using this space to elaborate on some of the ideas. DISCUSSIONS OF HOW TO SAVE LOCAL NEWS now need to balance two awkward realities. On the one hand, local news organizations need urgent help in order to keep their doors open and provide information to residents. No, it doesn’t

The Coronavirus Is Killing Local News

Keeping these news sources afloat needs to be part of the governmental and philanthropic response to the pandemic. Reprinted from The Atlantic By Steven Waldman. and Charles Sennott Among the important steps you should take during this crisis: Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. And buy a subscription to your local newspaper. The coronavirus

Statehouse beats in 2020-21

Colorado — Associated Press: Colorado state legislature, with special focus on public health Connecticut — Associated Press: State policy issues at the intersection of mental health and criminal justice Illinois — Capitol News: 1) Illinois state legislature, especially its affect on ethnic and minority communities in Illinois 2) Videographer to cover state legislature and pressing

The Local Elections Initiative

One of the basic functions of the press is to provide citizens information on which to base their vote. In thousands of communities around the country, that basic responsibility has been abdicated. The consequences are dire. Numerous studies have shown that less news coverage leads to​ even lower voter turnout​, a ​less informed electorate,​ ​fewer