Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’ve partnered with our sister organization, Report for the World, to spotlight some of the most important stories written by and about women and women’s issues across the United States and the world this year.  Want to help continue this critical local reporting? Lend your support today: bit.ly/womenreporting  

Here’s how Microsoft is working with journalists to create the newsrooms of the future with AI

By Noreen Gillespie, Microsoft What will the newsroom of the future look like? Today, Microsoft is launching several collaborations with news organizations (including The GroundTruth Project) to adopt generative AI. In a year where billions of people will vote in democratic elections worldwide, journalism is critical to creating healthy information ecosystems, and it is our

Keeping the faith: Report for America looks to strengthen communities by bolstering religion coverage

Religion plays a significant role in communities across the country, from shaping lawmakers’ approach to legislation to how people view themselves and their neighbors. Understanding these nuances as a journalist can be difficult, especially when many local newsrooms struggle to maintain dedicated coverage of any beat, let alone religion. Report for America is building a